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Winchelsea Community House

Wurdale & Surrounds Recovery Network

Brief Description of this Group

Building community strength and involvement needed to recover quickly from major emergency events such as a bushfire.

Full Description of this Group

Wurdale & Surrounds Recovery Network logoThe network is a community initiative aimed at building community strength and involvement needed to recover quickly from major emergency events such as a bushfire.

We operate with a committee only to ensure appropriate structure and dissemination of information to the community aimed at enabling community members to participate and support the community at the time when it is needed.

The Network welcomes volunteers to participate on the Committee, but also to register your interest in volunteering in the event of a emergency event.

Some of the key roles and focus areas cover :

  • Relief & Recovery Manager and Relief & Recovery Assistant - Manages the team, makes decisions and conducts risk assessments

Roles focused on the following key areas:

  • Community Registrar - Registers people including details of special needs or circumstances
  • Local Knowledge - Connecting with local knowledge holders, maps, current situation
  • External Volunteer Management -Manages unplanned volunteers eg. Blaze Aid, Lions Club, etc.
  • External Agency Liaison - Connecting with relevant agencies
  • Internal Communications -Keeping all members in touch and up to date with the situation
  • Community Information and Communication - Develops and disseminates community information.
  • Working with Government Agencies in the following areas: Welfare, Nutrition and Shelter

If you like to know more or are thinking about volunteering please contact:
Email: wurdalerecovery@gmail.com

Download the Wurdale & Surrounds Recovery Network Brochure (PDF, 1.4Mb) or visit our Recovers website for more.

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