iPads – Winchelsea Community House


Rate: $
Period: per half day

A number of iPads are available to borrow for short periods, to learn and practice how to use them. They are connected to the Winch House public wifi (only within the Community House complex) and include the standard iPad apps.

Additional apps can be downloaded and installed if desired, however, they will be registered to a Winch House account with Apple so not suitable for purchasing 'paid' apps. They are not connected to any payment method.

iPads can be used for news, information, browsing the web, watching internet videos. If you get your own iPad, you can use it for email and social media - best not to use the Winch House iPads for personal accounts like that unless you are able to remove your accounts after use. The iPads are public-access devices, so expect other people to use them after you.

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