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Laptop computers

Rate: $
Period: per half day

We have several laptop computers which can be used when the computer room is inaccessible, or for courses and presentations in other locations around the Winch House complex.

Each laptop is in a backpack with a wired mouse and mousepad plus power supply. A laptop can be connected to a TV or data projector with an appropriate cable, for a larger display.

Laptops have the typical software setup;

  • The current version of Windows
  • 'Microsoft Office' apps ie. Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • A choice of web-browsers ie. Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • PDF reader/viewer from Adobe
  • Photo and image editing with GIMP
  • Colour printing*

All laptops have speakers, microphone and webcam, and are connected to the internet via the Winch House public wifi service.

It is important to know that all public computers are going to be used by multiple different people. The computers are NOT cleared and reset after each use. Accordingly, be careful not to save personal information such as passwords, documents, images or forms on a public computer, in case someone else can see and use it. Check with staff/volunteers if you aren't sure.

* Printing incurs an additional charge per sheet of paper used by the printer, regardless of what is on the sheet.

Note that each time you use any of our resources, you are required to comply with the associated policy or policies. Use of a resource does mean that you agree to abide by the related policy/policies, even if you aren't required to sign anything.

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