28 Hesse Street, Winchelsea (see map)
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am to 2pm
Phone: 03 5267 2028
Email: reception@winchhouse.org.au

Internet Access

We have eight computers with internet access - $2.50 per half hour.

Note: our computer room is also available for hire for training purposes and meetings.


Easy-Access Computer Station

We have an all-access computer station in reception, featuring easy access for wheelchair, disabled or motorised personal transport, large screen, and keyboard for easier visibility. The Winch House easy-access computer can be used by anyone (ideal for use when the computer room is occupied for courses).

Normal internet fees apply $2.50 per half hour.


Internet Assistance

If you need help getting things done online, by all means see if we can help. Subject to availability, we try our best to assist you. For example, if you need to fill in an online application, or a government form, or find some information. We can also assist you to print email attachments and forms if needed.

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