Claimed your $250?

The State Government have extended their $250 electricity bonus, open to all Victorians who pay for a residential electricity account. Have you claimed yours?
The process is quite straightforward and all done online. Head over to and click the big grey "Submit a $250 Power Saving Bonus application", and fill in the information requested. You'll need a recent electricity bill handy so you can provide your details. The Victorian government wants to encourage everyone to make sure they are paying the best rates, so the $250 bonus is essentially a reward for comparing your current rates with the rates on offer from other providers. You DON'T have to change your current provider.
Winch House is here to help if you'd like assistance in submitting your claim for the $250 power saving bonus. Appointments are essential, so please call 5267 2028 during open hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm) or email [email protected]. Don't forget to bring along your electricity bill, and we'll hop onto a computer and fill in your application with you.
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