How can a group apply for an auspice agreement?

  1. Contact Winch House and discuss your group’s project or activities with the Winch House Manager.
  2. Prepare a written submission to the Winch House Oversight Committee stating the purpose of the group, proposed activities, why you require auspice, the group's organisational structure and contact details . This submission will be presented by the Winch House Manager (a representative of the group may be requested to address the Oversight Committee in person regarding the submission)
  3. A written response will then be forwarded to the group to advise if the application has been successful, the reasoning if refused or further information if required.

If the auspice is approved…

In accepting auspice of the group, Winch House accepts the resulting relationship with its financial and legal responsibilities. Winch House therefore has the following expectations:

  1. The group is required to work with the Winch House Manager to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding, setting out the expectations of both parties and their roles and responsibilities. This is then presented to the Oversight Committee for approval.
  2. Monies raised by the group will be held in the Winch House account as a separate entry. The group will not be able to commit more money than they have in hand, without Winch House Oversight Committee approval.
  3. The group will be required to submit an annual report for presentation at the AGM and a member of the group must be present at the AGM.
  4. The group facilitator/coordinator is required to maintain regular contact with the Winch House Manager, informing of any future financial obligations and any significant upcoming commitments.
  5. The group can raise money or apply for outside grants using the Winch House incorporation number, ABN and public liability insurance. The group will provide a copy of any applications to the Winch House Manager.
  6. The group will prepare an annual plan outlining strategic directions and future endeavors for the coming year.
  7. Groups must maintain a file containing all correspondence, minutes and other relevant papers, which can be viewed by the Oversight Committee or Manager upon request.
  8. The group will operate at all times in accordance with the Winch House Statement of Purpose and mission statement and using the Auspice Group flow chart as a reference.
  9. Winch House will provide orientation for the group regarding risk management planning, financial requirements, privacy and confidentiality, duty of care regarding Auspice groups, security procedures and administration responsibilities.
  10. Each group will be provided with an Auspice pack, providing them with the necessary information upon approval from the Oversight Committee
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